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The LCAP is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. The LCAP provides an opportunity for local educational agencies (LEAs) to share their stories of how, what, and why programs and services are selected to meet their local needs. 

VCPUSD encourages parents to take part in the survey to share out feedback and information regarding the program.  

Principal's Message


Welcome to Jaguar Country

Hello and welcome to Valley Center High School. We are a California Distinguished School and home of the Jaguars.

This marks our 19th year serving students and the community of Valley Center and Pauma Valley.  We are humbled by the level of support our students receive from our community. If not for such a supportive community, our students could not have reached the level of success they have had in such a short time.  We truly live the slogan, “One Town, One Team, One Dream.”

Our students have developed championship habits while pursuing excellence. These championship habits will allow our students to succeed beyond high school. Valley Center High School Students understand that failure is not an option in the area of academics. Our teachers continue to implement a variety of strategies. Our students may face challenges at times when it comes to learning the curriculum, but our teachers find new ways to present the material in a comprehensive manner ensuring students can and will learn. These established habits have resulted in (3) major achievements for our students:  1) Being recognized as one of the top 2000 schools in the nation,  2) A high school graduation rate of 97.4%, which is among the highest graduation rate of a comprehensive high school in San Diego County, 3) Our graduate’s success in college, our nation’s military service, academics, and in the work force.

Another championship habit of our school that I would like to highlight is our ability to connect our students to a variety of extra and co-curricular programs.  It is our belief that a connected student is a successful student.  Over the past 18 years our staff and students have built successful programs on campus that include but are not limited to; award winning band, musical theatre, championship athletic teams, video production, major dance productions, after school enrichment programs, career technical education, etc.  One of the main drivers of this habit is the positive and welcoming environment provided by our Associated Student Body.  Advisor Rob Gilster leads our ASB.  ASB holds many successful events such as our after game dances, homecoming, lunchtime activities, spirit week, car week, prom, and senior beach trip.  ASB sponsors over 40 clubs on campus. These clubs help unite students that have similar interests. Nine-Time and Jags United have a school-wide impact. The Nine-Time program advisor is Satya Fleck. The program connects each freshmen student with an upper classman mentor for their entire freshman year. Satya Fleck also serves as our Jags United advisor. This clubs focus and emphasis on the similarities of each student rather than their differences.  Students work side by side, learn from one another, and become active participants in the positive development of the culture on their campus.  The clubs mission is to unite VCHS as a school community, so that all students feel welcome and safe.

New for the 2017-2018 school year is the addition of a Culinary Arts II class that will help prepare our students for a career in hospitality services.  To bridge the hospitality careers with farming opportunities that are so abundant in our community, we have added a Farm to Table class in our   Agriculture Department.  This class will offer the experience, and the opportunity to learn the steps in the cycle from cultivation to marketing a product served in a restaurant.  Additionally, we have added a Fine Woodworking class that is a dual enrollment class partnered with Palomar College.  These additional classes continue to support our students to be better prepared to enter college and careers upon graduation.

The great programs that have been developed at VCHS could not have been possible without such a supportive community. This support has allowed us to foster an invincible spirit in our students that will allow them to face the many challenges they will encounter in life.

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web page and gain a better understanding of what it is to be a Jaguar.  I will leave you with an adage we have at VCHS that describes how we as Jaguars look at all areas of campus life, “Winning is not a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing.”


Dennis Zabinsky, Principal


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They are a non-profit organization that raises funds specifically for people in our community   


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Students at VCHS are not discriminated against because of race, color, or national origin (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964), or discriminated against by sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or parental status (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1976), or discriminated against because of a handicapping condition (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973).