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Student Learning

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VCHS is providing suggested lessons and activities that families can use to keep students engaged in learning during this school closure. Learning activities are organized and available through online classroom Powerschool pages.  Paper copies of work are also available for pickup at Valley Center High School for those who need them.  We hope that parents can partner with students to complete these activities.  Click on the teacher name to visit their profile page with links and details about their classes.  Please email teachers directly with any questions that you may have regarding available assignments and materials.  Additional resources and materials are also available at the bottom of the page.

How do students access schoolwork while at home?

Using their Chromebooks students can login to teachers Powerschool pages and Google Classroom (see directions below).  Once a student logins they will see all of their classes listed and can access classwork.  Students may say they have no work to do but this is not the case, teachers have assignments and materials posted for students to complete.  Print copies are available for pickup at the high school, please know the names of teachers and classes before arriving.  If you have any questions or difficulty please email the teacher directly using the list below.

Powerschool and Google Classroom

Profile pages with links to teacher's Powerschool pages are listed below.  Students can also Powerschool directly through this link .  Students will need to click the "Sign in with Google" button and use their assigned school Google account.

Students can access Google Classroom on their Chromebooks and other devices by visiting this link.  Students will need to use their assigned school Google account.

Valley Center High School Administrators

Principal - Mark Hailwood
Assistant Principal - Norma Carrillo
Assistant Principal - Nicole Clymer

Valley Center High School Counselors

Susana Cook (A-L and ELD) -
Leigh Dick (M-Z) -

TEACHER NAME TEACHER EMAIL COURSE Location of Work and Assignments
Arias, Megean AM SIGN LANG 1, 2 Google Classroom
Bachman, Sarah ALGEBRA 1, GEOMETRY Powerschool
Bauer, Danielle AG BIO, AG CHEM, AG PROJECT, FLORAL Google Classroom
Beck, Jeffrey ADV BAND, BAND Powerschool
Beck, Laralee ADV CHORUS, CHORUS Powerschool
Bernens, Joseph DRAMA, STAGECRAFT Powerschool
Bertram, Wesley AUTO Powerschool
Broomell. Micheal AG MECH, FARM TO TABLE, WOODSHOP Powerschool
Chavez, Cody BIOLOGY Powerschool
Chenery, Kathy ENGLISH 11E, ENGLISH 12E, PERS MAN. Powerschool
Chew, Michael US HISTORY Powerschool
Cozzi, Lauren GEOMETRY, INT ALG 1 Powerschool
Cummings, Michael ALGEBRA I Powerschool
Degen, Shandrea PE 10-12, PERSONAL FITNESS Powerschool
Dunckel, Christie ENGLISH 10, SE ENGLISH Google Classroom
Dunckel, William PE 10-12, WEIGHTS Powerschool
Emm, Paige ECON, GOV, US HIST, WORLD HIST Powerschool
Fleck, Satya ENGLISH 9, LEADERSHIP Powerschool
Gauss, Poppy DIGITAL MEDIA, PHOTO, VIDEO PROD Google Classroom
Gibbs, Nicole LIFE SKILLS Powerschool
Gilbert, Coral BIOLOGY Powerschool
Gilster, Robert ASB, PE 10-12 Powerschool
Hreha-Meyer, Paige BIOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY Powerschool
Jones, Jonathan ENGLISH 9, ENGLISH 11 Google Classroom
Kordik, Andrew AP US HIST, US HIST Powerschool
Manier, Steve PE Powerschool
McGinnis, Nichole EXP WRITING, ENGLISH 12, AP ENG LIT Powerschool
Mcmurdo, Brian ART, CERAMICS, GRAPHIC ARTS Powerschool
Morumbasi, Maggie ENGLISH 9E, ENGLISH 10E Powerschool
Pallisco, Ashley ALGEBRA E Google Classroom
Parker, Katheryn ELD, SPANISH  Powerschool
Pluciennik, Ruth SPANISH I, YEARBOOK Powerschool
Pluth, Tammy ADV DANCE, DANCE Powerschool
Poole, Jason SPANISH III, SPANISH SP Powerschool
Rienick, Crystal AP ENGLISH LANG, ENGLISH 11 Powerschool
Rincon, Sandra AP SPANISH, SPANISH 3 Powerschool
Schonfeld, Doreen BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY Powerschool
Storms, Scott CULINARY ARTS I, 2 Powerschool
Stout, David ALGEBRA 1, INT ALG 1 Powerschool
Stout, Emma APPLIED MATH, PRE-CALCULUS Powerschool
Strosnider, Darren PE 10-12, WEIGHTS Powerschool
Strosnider, Derrick ENGLISH 12 Powerschool / Schoolology
Thor, Lee AP COMP SCI, AP STATS,  ALGEBRA 2 Google Classroom
Tuttle, Jeff AP EUR HIST, WORLD HIST Powerschool
Vasquez, Jonelle ALGEBRA 1, GEOMETRY Powerschool
Ventimiglia, Ronald AP GOV, AM GOV, WORLD HIST Powerschool
Villalobos, Tina ENGLISH 9 Powerschool
Walford, Amanda ALGEBRA 2/TRIG Google Classroom
Walford, Andrew CHEMISTRY Google Classroom / Powerschool
Wasserman, Marc TRANSTION Powerschool
Whitcomb, Thomas AP ECON, ECON Powerschool
Wilson, Jenna PRE AP ENGLISH 10, ENGLISH 10, READING Google Classroom

Additional Materials and Resources

Resources for All Courses


Khan Academic School Closure Resources and Learning Plan


CTE courses

Suggested Activities for all CTE courses (Agricultural Science, Ag. Mechanics, Automotive, Culinary, Digital Media, Graphic Arts, Photo, Video Production)